Brain Mappers of Tomorrow: 2024

The 5th OHBM Brain Mappers of Tomorrow (formerly Multilingual Kids Live Review)

    The Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (DIC) at OHBM organizes the annual Brain Mappers of Tomorrow (formerly Multilingual Kids Live Review) events in 2024 (FREE events).

    In 2023, we hosted 17 1-hour sessions in 12 different languages to connect the scientists from today at OHBM to children (8-15 years old) all over the world. The main objective of these presentations is to have children learn about your scientific work and get them excited about science and the brain. In a 1-hour session, the presenter will talk about the human brain and her/his research on various topics (about 15 minutess) and communicate with children during the Q & A time (about 45 minutes).

    In addition, given that the 2024 annual meeting of OHBM 2023 takes place in South Korea (June 23, 2024 - June 27, 2024), one of our Korean sessions will be organized as an in-person event during the OHBM main meeting (Seoul, COEX Conference Room E1, on June 24th from 6-7pm).

    Currently, we are looking for volunteer organizers for local ans satellite BMT sessions.

    If you are planning to host a session in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese or French it is possible to submit with our support a manuscript to Frontiers of Young Minds ( Please get in touch for more informations!

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