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DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY COMMITTEE CHARGE A critical part of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping’s strategic initiatives is to develop a plan that will ensure that gender, cultural, and geographic diversity exists within OHBM’s activities and, in particular, the Annual Meeting. This plan should further advance the Organization’s enduring mission to create a wholly diverse, engaged, and inclusive international community of those dedicated to discover the organization of the human brain.

Our team

2023-2024 Diversity and Inclusivity Committee (DIC) Kangjoo Lee, United States - Chair Sharna Jamadar, Australia - Chair-Elect Lucina Q. Uddin, United States - Past-Chair Athina Tzovara, Switzerland - Subcommittee Chair - Gender Tan Davynn, Singapore - Subcommittee Chair - Language and Culture Tilak Ratnanather, United States - Subcommittee Chair - Accessibility Alexander Barnett, Canada - Subcommittee Chair - Race and Ethnicity Maryam Ziaei, Norway (Australia) - Subcommittee Chair - Career Level and Development Christienne Gonzales Damatac, Netherlands - Subcommittee Chair - Socioeconomic Status Lena Oestreich, Australia - Subcommittee Chair - Mental Illness and Neurodiversity, BrainArt SIG Liaison Julia Kam, Canada - FYM Officer Fernanda Hansen Pacheco de Moraes, Brazil - Event Communication Officer Jana Totzek, Canada - Social Media Officer Leyla Loued-Khenissi, Switzerland - Ad-hoc Member Alyssa Pozzobon, Canada - Ad-hoc Member Hiromasa Takemura, Japan - Council Liaison Caroline Ahn, United States - Student and Postdoc SIG Liaison Elisa Guma, United States - Communications Committee Liaison Anibal Solon, United States - Open Science SIG Liaison Linda Mah, Canada - Women PI SIG Liaison *Rosanna Olsen, Canada - Guest, 2021-2022 Chair *AmanPreet Badhwar, Canada - Guest, 2020-2021 Chair *Guests are invited for a 1-year term when they are involved in the projects tied to the Committee.

Past Members

Past Members