About Us

We are a integrated team of OHBM members with diverse background and career stages working to improve the diversity of scientists and science itself.


The Diveristy and Inclusivity Committee at OHBM hosts the DIC symposium in the annual OHBM meetings. Find the invited speakers in our past events.


We host the DIC roundtable in the annual OHBM meetings to cover different topics and share ideas.

Brain mappers of Tomorrow

Our signature project “Brain Mappers of Tomorrow (formerly Multilingual Kids Live Review)” is taking place every year in both in-person and visual formats. Last year (2023), we hosted 17 sessions in 12 languages!


Check our recent publication in Neuroimage “Tzovara et al. (2021) Embracing diversity and inclusivity in an academic setting - Insights from the Organization for Human Brain Mapping”

Ensuring diversity and inclusivity at OHBM

Toward more creative and productive science

OHBM Kids Live Review - What we can learn from 2023 event organizers

Check out our blog post to learn about the 2023 OHBM Kids Live Review - a series interactive events engaging children with neuroscience https://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/ohbm-kids-live-review-what-we-can-learn-from-2023-event-organizers

OHBM DIC 2023-2024 election results

Check out our blog post for an overview of the election procedures and results! https://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/ohbm-diversity-and-inclusivity-committee-2023-2024-election-results

What to expect from the DIC at the 2023 OHBM annual meeting

Here we describe what you can expect from our DIC events from the OHBM 2023 annual meeting! https://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/what-to-expect-from-the-diversity-and-inclusivity-committee-at-the-2023-ohbm-annual-meeting

Best practices for ensuring diversity of presenters at OHBM

Check out our OHBM blog post about “Best practices for ensuring diversity of presenters at OHBM” published in December 1, 2022! https://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/best-practices-for-ensuring-diversity-of-presenters-at-ohbm

Diversity and Inclusivity Events at the 2022 OHBM Annual Meeting

Check out our latest OHBM post that reviews the events hosted by OHBM DIC in the annual meeting of OHBM published in May 27, 2022! https://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/diversity-inclusivity-events-at-the-2022-ohbm-annual-meeting-if-you-want-to-go-far-go-together

Results from the Survey on Inclusivity at OHBM - Summary and Future Directions

We collected and analyzed the results from our survey on inclusivity at OHBM. Check out our summary and suggested future directions. https://www.ohbmbrainmappingblog.com/blog/results-from-the-survey-on-inclusivity-at-ohbm-summary-and-future-directions